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Entering Asian Market

Project – Clusters Go International COSMENERG 4i

Entering the market of ASIA

  • Internationalisation in renewable energy and environmental technologies towards the markets of ASEAN and Middle Eastern countries
  • Duration of the action: 24 months
  • Budget: € 598.009 (EU Grant: € 448.504)

Partners in the project are clusters from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Germany and Serbia.

Overall objectives:

  • Joint internationalisation service package (CE-ME-ASEAN), including use of an online networking platform for cluster members.
  • For SMEs operating in the emerging industries of eco-, bio-energy, renewable energy and environmental technologies.

Internationalisation of Cosmenerg 4i partnership

  • Business contacts with clusters and business intermediaries.
  • Collaboration agreements with relevant stakeholders (MoUs).
  • Fact-finding missions to the 2 target regions and 8 countries.
  • Representation offices in Europe and the target regions.

We brought European companies to:

  • ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week in Bangkok – June 2019.
  • World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi – September 2019.
  • IGEM – International GreenTech Exhibition u Kuala Lumpur – October 2019.
  • Vietnam’s International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City – September 2019.
  • Europe Trade Event in Taipei – October 2019.
  • EIF – International Energy Congress and Expo in Ankara – November 2019.

Expected impact:

  • Generate international projects.
  • Partnership agreements (MoUs) with stakeholders in third countries.
  • Permanent internationalisation service continuously provided, including the use of an online networking and knowledge-sharing platform (450 members and outsiders).
  • Business development projects SMEs (50 internationalisation business development advisory procedures delivered).

Available internationalisation services:

Pre-market consultation

Overall information on relevant associations, governmental agencies, distributors, agents, service providers, including information on trade events, shows and fairs and trade regulations.

Partner search

Customised approach to look for local business partners: agents, sellers, distributors, networking stakeholders, etc…

Market search

Learning experience on customers, competitors and the industry, and current and upcoming trends and business opportunities.

Development of full business development strategy

Market entry strategy: distribution channels, import and export overview, relevant associations, distributors/agents, trade fairs, market regulations, market entry approaches and recommendations, cultural and protocol communication and learning, pricing information and competitive intelligence, technology transfer opportunities, joint R&D&I projects, revision of promotional marketing documents, IPR considerations. Development of a full business development strategy based on the PCM approach, including a time frame, objectives, activities, indicators, follow-up and monitoring.

HR and financial plan

HR and financial plan elaboration for the business development strategy and targeting appropriate funding opportunities.

Business missions

Organisation of group activities such as market briefings, site visits and networking events. Arrangement of business matchmaking meetings for individual companies on a 1-1 basis or investment attraction. Meetings with prospective business investors, or government to government meetings.

Supporting services for investors

Provision of advisory services to assess/evaluate investment conditions and profitability in the target market/region. Provision of guidance and facilitation at every stage of the investment process, including country information, consultancy and bureaucratic and legal assistance for investment, grow your business and establish relations in the target market and region.

Cross-cultural communication and learning

Provision of training courses, webinars and learning events to address your preparedness for internationalisation.