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Novi Sad, Serbia

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Projects 2018

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ECOPANONIA, Ecological energy and eco culture cluster from Novi Sad, Serbia

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  • Obtained the Bronze Label of Cluster Management Excellence for ECOPANONIA, on the basis of EU certification, through the COSMENERG project.
  • Renewable energy India Expo 2018
  • Participation on B2B meeting in Valencia (Spain).
  • Representation of the Cluster in Brasov (Romania).
  • Working on the Cosmenerg 4i project.
  • Visiting and researching relevant markets of Israel and Jordan.
  • Organising a workshop with the Provincial Secretariat of Energy and the Secretariat of Economy: “Intensive Planning and Energy Project Applications”.
  • Presenting Ecopanonia on the Info Day of the Institute for Innovation and Technology (EIT).
  • Participation at the International CIBEK Conference on Circular Economy in Belgrade.
  • EU-Western Balkans Event Zagreb 2018